Breathe Life Arts and Culture springs from love. The kind of love that is rooted deeply inside the hearts of those who love nature, and believe that the best of our environment should be saved and passed to future generations unchanged and unspoiled. Modern technology has undoubtedly brought about tremendous convenience and urban prosperity, but it has also deterred a harmonious and integrated existence between man and nature. And in the process, we have lost our yearning and pursuit of true beauty. How urban heart and soul can escape the pandemonium of wealth, and regain care and concern for the environment and others are what those with vision and conscience unceasingly strive to achieve.

Art is beyond aesthetic and decorative purposes and should carry a mission of its own. No matter what issues the artworks are attending to, the artists should be true believers themselves. It is with the firmest belief that artists can make a difference in making the earth a better place to live and this mission in using art to promote environment awareness can be endured and passed on.




- About Us -

Breathe Life Arts and Culture initially aimed to raise public’s awareness of environmental issues and purification of one’s soul through art appreciation, broadening the concept that artists of different mediums can make a difference in the world. The 8 featured artists of ‘Breathe Life Arts Exhibition’ included painter Susan Yeung (楊素珊), painter Ada Chan (陳竹君), director Dante Lam Chiu Yin (林超賢), director Ringo Tang (鄧鉅榮), jewelry designer Dickson Yewn (翁狄森), musician Peter Kam (金培達), lyricist Chen Shao Qi (陳少琪), and photographer Derek Que (郭遠堅), who are all locally acclaimed and have a strong tie with Hong Kong. They shared their perception of society, expressed their thoughts and concerns through paintings, short films, photography, sketching and music.

Breathe Life Arts and Culture planned their first cultural seed in Beijing. The inaugural ‘Breathe Life Arts Exhibition’ was debuted in September 2011 at the Today’s Art Museum, one of the most prestigious museums in China. The inaugural exhibition received high acclaimed, and the second exhibition was followed immediately in October at the Siemens Art Space at 798 Beijing. In March 2012, ‘Breathe Life Arts Exhibition’ Shanghai had the privilege to be part of the WWF’s annual “Earth Hour”, an event that was dedicated to the promotion of energy conservation. ‘Breathe Life Arts Exhibition’ made its way back to Hong Kong in 2013. The fourth ‘Breathe Life Arts Exhibition – Love continues in Hong Kong’ was held in July at the ArtisTree, Island East.

Today, Breathe Life Arts and Culture will continue to nurture new generations of outstanding artistic talents, support the diversity of media in arts creation and engage in social initiatives. It is with the firmest belief that artists can make a difference in making the world a better place.


Yeung is an artist with multi-talents. She studied painting at an early age, and her painting skills continue to progress and develop through the practice of Chinese art. Yeung studied arts & film in New York City and later obtained an EMBA at Hong Kong City University. Yeung’s work is of a contemporary character and highly influenced by impressionist paintings. Her work transforms the painting to a spiritual art through vibrant colors, which is a very crucial element in visual experience. Yeung has been actively involved in social and charitable events and is a woman of great social responsibility and vision.


Born in Hong Kong. Chan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts degree from York University of Toronto. She has worked in various fields of art as a graphic designer, a free-lance artist and a painter. Chan devotes herself to creative painting full time and began a journey of experimentation and exploration since 2005. Her original acrylic & oil paintings are collected by corporate and private studios throughout Hong Kong and Canada.