Transcendental Perspective - New Gallery On Old Bailey

07.03.2016 – 23.03.2016
Artists: Aster Cheng Tsz Yu, Gao Guofu, Wu Yiqiang, Yiu Chi Leung, Yue Yuenlong, Zhen Hongxiang, Zhong Zhao
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

What makes up the core of humanity? Human being is multi-dimensional and most individuals have different values and interpretations. Each of 7 artists shares their perspectives that derive from cultural backgrounds, personal values and beliefs, creating a deeper human connection with viewers through the intrinsic power of art.

New Gallery on Old Bailey and Breathe Life Arts and Culture are pleased to present “Transcendental Perspective”, an exhibition of a group of emerging artists from China and Hong Kong, generating new perspectives on the various aspects of humanity and extending their perceptions beyond the limits of the artists’ ordinary experience. This exhibition features paintings, new media works and installation work by 7 artists; on view at New Gallery on Old Bailey from 7th to 23rd March, 2016.