Double Impact - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
雙。對。論 –鍾承佑與林昍母子聯展 - 香港奧畫廊

11.09.2015 – 11.10.2015
Artists: Forbes Francis Chung, Mable Lam
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

New Gallery on Old Bailey is please to present “Double Impact”, the duo Chinese ink panting exhibition of Hong Kong emerging contemporary artist Forbes Francis Chung and the artist’s mother Mable Lam. At the age of 21, Forbes had held 5 solo exhibitions and 12 joint exhibitions in Hong Kong and South Korea. For the first time, Forbes will be exhibiting a new series of paintings alongside with artworks by Mable Lam, his beloved mother who is also a contemporary artist. Forbes and Mable have built a strong mother and son bond. “Double Impact” demonstrates their close relationships through the creative process. Their artworks create an implicit dialogue, revealing how the world is reinterpreted through the eyes of both mother and son. Forbes and Mable will be in attendance during the opening reception at New Gallery on Old Bailey on Friday Sept 11, 2015 from 6 – 8pm. The exhibition will be on display from Sept 11 until Oct 11, 2015.

Forbes was diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and other inborn medical problems, but together Forbes and Mable have overcome challenges and motivated one another along life’s way. Their compassion in art explores the emotional connection of mother and son. They studied Chinese ink art under the guidance of Chinese painting Master Lam Tian Xing. Each of them develops their own unique artistic styles, and gradually both become professional artists. “Our relation becomes extraordinary unique. By blood, we are of course mother and son. In real life, we are teacher and friend. Emotionally, we are buddies.” said Mable.

Forbes’ recent works retain the same exquisite quality that has made his name synonymous with creativity and true excellence. He is known for his application of vivid colors and Calligraphy embodied masculine traits. His incorporation of calligraphy from literature, poetry and news has drawn audiences closer to his thought. His “City” series explains the metropolitan vicissitudes of life and things that revolve around him. Forbes’ paintings have the charm to move people’s emotions, touch their feelings and inspire their imagination.

Mable’s “Flowery Skyfall” series use colors as an expression of mood and atmosphere. Her artworks are feminine, vibrant and transmit high emotions to the audiences, capturing a sense of tenderness and tranquility through the soft brush strokes and ink washes.

Forbes Chung
Forbes was born in 1994 in Hong Kong. He was diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and other inborn medical problems during his early childhood. Having difficulties with academics in Hong Kong, Forbes was sent to the United States to receive special training and education. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he continued his secondary education at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, and further graduated from the Art College, a subsidiary College by the University of Arts London, in Guanzhou, China.

In 2006 Forbes practiced Chinese calligraphy and painting under the guidance of Master Lam Tian Xing, and his career in art embarked since then. In 2011, Forbes achieved the Gold Award of National Chinese Painting Competition in Youth Category at the age of 16, and hosted his first solo exhibition at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. His paintings received high acclaims and have been collected by local and foreign art enthusiasts and collectors. His works have appeared at auctions and sold for far above their estimates.

Mable Lam
Mable is the mother of Forbes Chung, a local contemporary artist, who also learned Chinese ink art under Master Lam Tian Xing. She combines Western composition and Chinese ink painting techniques through the use of rich and vibrant colors. Mable has held solo and joint exhibitions, and her artworks are not only collected by local and foreign art enthusiasts and collectors, but also received acclaims from the other art professionals. Her ink works are also praised by Mr. Wu GuanZhong, one of the recognized greatest contemporary Chinese painters.


奧畫廊特別呈獻香港新晉當代水墨藝術家鍾承佑與林昍母子聨合展覽『雙。對。論』。由生息藝術與文化主辦,將於2015年9月11日至10月11日 於奧畫廊展出。年僅二十一歲的承佑,在香港和韓國已舉辦了五次個人畫展及十二次聯展。這次展覽『雙。對。論』將會是承佑第一次與同為當代畫家的母親林昍同場展出新作。他們通過藝術創作,建立一段更緊密的母子關係。他們的作品有着隱約的對話,揭示了母子各自的世界觀和共同的空靈。我們誠邀您參加9月11日(五)晚上6時的開幕酒會,並與畫家相對。