SUCH, AS IT IS - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
張天行個人畫展 - 香港奧畫廊

19.06.2015 – 04.07.2015
Artists: David Cow
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

New Gallery on Old Bailey presents a solo exhibition by David Cow, featuring paintings from childhood to the present. Exhibition will be held from June 19 – July 4. You are cordially invited to the cocktail opening reception on June 19 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. An accompanying catalogue will be published at the opening reception.

Cow is a renowned moving image director in Hong Kong. His success in the digital image does not hold him back from creating art with the traditional approach – painting. Cow’s recent body of works show the culmination of his endeavor to bring forth the style of painting found in Cubist and Surrealist works, whilst exploring ways to juxtapose historic painterly language with urban context that holds relevance to the contemporary culture. Some works incorporate historical archetypes into an organic morphology. The artist’s rendition of “The Last Supper” for instance, the subject matter is of an old master Leonardo da Vinci, which evinces the artist’s fascination for Renaissance art. A style of Cubist influences in the overall abstraction of the expressive paintings, as well as contemporary influences in the heavy black stylized outlines and the use of bright, intense colors.

Cow has also incorporated Buddhist philosophy into his paintings. The artist has an obsession in the concept of emptiness. In brief, emptiness is the intrinsic nature to form such ultimate and infinite possibilities. Visual interpretation is an illusionary indication on conventional perceptions with such artistic seeds of painterly sowing. This philosophical ideology reflects the characteristic of Cubism that forms are deformed to form new means. Forms take empty space and also guide audience’s eyesight to flow through seeing experience when viewers relate their re-interpretation of all historical and cultural art form to artist’s representation.

Born in Hong Kong, David Cow is a talented moving image director in the field of advertising and music video industries. Cow majored in Graphic Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and began his career in advertising field since 1998. He worked for various 4As advertising agencies. In 2006, David left the field, and took a step forward to study film at the New York Film Academy. Cow’s creative directing works have earned him international renowned clients, including many worldwide brands. He utilized media-free concepts and creativity ultimately achieved numerous international awards.

In addition to the commercial works, Cow continues to pursuit his art through paintings, drawings, and mixed media; and his artworks are showcased in many art exhibitions regularly since 2000. Cow’s works retained a high level of originality and creativity.

參展藝術家: 張天行

奧畫廊特別呈現,香港知名廣告導演張天行的個人畫展《Such, as it is》將於2015年6月19日至7月4日假 奧畫廊展出,Cow希望藉由其早期及近期的作品,與觀者探討蘊含在藝術中的虛與實。藝術家畫冊將於當天同時發佈。我們誠邀您參加6月19日晚上7時的開幕酒會,並與畫家見面。

作為香港知名廣告導演,在光怪陸離的商業社會中,Cow需要通過製造影像創造不同的觀感與視覺刺激,但他從未放棄畫家的本質,回歸基本的藝術創作模式 - 繪畫,與其最真的一面進行對話。Cow作品風格中可找尋到印象派、立體派及超現實主義等藝術痕跡,他遊歷於歷史筆觸與當代文化之間的存在性,加上他對繪畫藝術的深厚知識,不斷探索著藝術的根本純粹性,並透過繪畫展現出來。Cow的部分作品更重新演繹歷史經典畫作,賦予作品新的生命力,尤如以不同畫風作種子,耍在畫布一樣,顯現藝術本質上的自性。他迷戀文藝復興時期的藝術風格,亦曾重新演繹大師列奧納多·達·芬奇的經典名作《最後的晚餐》,立體派的影響讓他作品中的抽象感油然而生,而厚重的線條以及強烈的色彩則突顯了現代社會在他身上刻下的烙印。