Women’s Art Project - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
藝術女途 - 香港奧畫廊

02.03.2015 – 31.03.2015
Artists: Ada Chan, Eliza Cheng, Emily Eldridge, Jessica Chung, Joan Kwan, Maria Isabel Parra, Rainbo Peng, Susan Yeung
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

Men have always dominated art practice since ancient time. New art forms, isms and aesthetics have always been created by male artists. There is still a glass ceiling for women in the arts. Women artists have been creating incredible art that should be recognized. The month of March marks the International Women’s day. To celebrate feminism and the creative ability of women, New Gallery on Old Bailey is proud to present Women’s Art Project. Eight Hong Kong-based female artists will be showcasing their works through a variety of mediums, being held from 2nd to 31st of March, 2015, to dedicate the spirit and creativity of women artists, past and present.

Ada Chan
Ada Chan is a nature enthusiast. She often incorporates animals into her paintings to elaborate on the connection between animals and the human race. “As we observe the uniqueness of different creatures: their every move, their every behavior, from birth to death, it is like a mirror image of the human race”, Ada quoted. The characteristic of her work is not the realistic depiction of the nature, but the expression of the spirit and the artist’s innermost feelings through gestural brushstrokes, intense color and surreal imagery.

Ada Chan was born in Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Arts from York University of Toronto. Ada has worked in various fields of art as a graphic designer, a free-lance artist and a painter. Her works have been collected by private and corporate collectors throughout Hong Kong and China. Her most recent solo exhibition at the Parkview Green Art Shanghai received high acclaimed.

Eliza Cheng
Eliza Cheng received an MFA in Painting with the Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2011. Through delving into the subject of abstract painting during her years of study, the bodies of her art have embraced a major shift from representational roots to pure conceptual compositions and abstract expressionism. Eliza has had solo and joined exhibitions in Hong Kong. She was shortlisted for a New York based AIR program organized by the HK Arts Development Council in 2011. Her work was selected into the juried competition and exhibition by HK Oil Painting Research Society.

In the Women’s Art Project, Eliza will be demonstrating the spontaneous side of her art. The enlightening watercolor series recorded the blissful moments of things and people at home. To Eliza, “home is where the heart is”.

Emily Eldridge
Emily Eldridge is best known for her illustrations of sassy, fashion-forward female figures; Emily Eldridge is originally from the United States, where she graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Her illustrative work spans a variety of creative media - from murals to street art, editorial illustration, visual merchandising, set design, fine art, and more. Inspired by color, pattern, fashion, and typography; Emily aims to create eye-catching and visually bold imagery with an element of humor and wit.

Jessica Chung
Jessica Chung was born and raised in Hong Kong. She received her Master of Fine Art in USA. While living in New York from 2005 to 2010, Jessica had participated in several exhibitions, and her work is in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Art Library. Her work has also been exhibited in Hong Kong, Paris, China, Korea and Singapore.

Jessica studied with Vita Peterson, who was a student of Hans Hofmann. The German-American painter’s idea of “push and pull” comes from thinking of color as being situated in a particular place in space and is credited as a deep influence on New York abstract expressionism. With Jessica’s work, she explores how color creates space and how space can create an emotion. Her use of gesture and color has made the space come alive.

Joan Kwan
Joan Kwan is a Hong Kong based self-taught artist, who has a strong admiration toward western paintings from the 19th century. After visiting museums and art galleries around the world, Joan fell in love with landscapes paintings by Albert Bierstadt, a German-American painter from the 19th century, and American Contemporary painter Thomas Kinkade. Without any formal training in art, Joan began to explore and paint her own realistic landscape paintings. Joan has a strong passion for realistic landscape work because it captures God’s greatest creation in a unique way. The Women’s Art Project will be Joan’s third joined exhibition at New Gallery on Old Bailey.

Maria Isabel Parra
Maria Isabel Parra is a Colombian-French visual artist born in Medellín, Colombia, where she grew up and completed her visual art university studies. She has been living and working as a full-time artist in Hong Kong since 2002 where she continued her post graduate studies in Chinese culture and society. Maria Isabel’s artistic interests have revolved around the natural, social, economic and cultural relationship that human has with their environment. The pieces of cityscapes, spirals, fishes or bamboos Maria Isabel’s depicts are lively and full of symbolic meanings. The brilliant colours and abstract brushstrokes characterize her paintings.

Rainbo was born in Wunan, China, and she is currently based in Hong Kong. Rainbo is a full time artist who works with various media, including oil painting, graphic art, sculpture and street art graffiti. She is a member of “China Graffiti Girls” and one of the founders of Afterworkshop.

Rainbo has created graffiti paintings in over 20 cities throughout Asia, including Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Macau. She was invited to collaborate with Arts Precincts and Museums in planning and the execution of large scale graffiti works. In 2012, Rainbo created a series of ceramics in Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain. In the same year, Rainbo came in the third place in the Ani-Com Figure Competition. Solo and joined exhibitions have been held in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Foshan.

Susan Yeung
Susan Yeung began to learn painting at an early age, and her skills continued to progress and develop through the studies of Chinese Art. She studied arts and film in New York and later obtained an EMBA at Hong Kong City University. Susan’s work is highly influenced by impressionist paintings. Her paintings veer toward emotion over narration; enchanting the magical side of life through depictions with impressionistic touch. Her sensitive depictions of landscape are distinguished by subtle colors and free brushstrokes, which give her paintings unusual vitality.

Susan has had solo and joined exhibitions throughout Hong Kong and China. Her most recent solo exhibition in Parkview Green Art Beijing was amazingly successful. Over twenty pieces of her works were acquired by a private collector.

參展藝術家: 楊素珊, 陳竹君, 鄭慧華, 張慧君, 關豔鈴,Rainbo Peng, Emily Eldridge , Maria Isabel Parra






生於香港。2011年,她於三藩市藝術大學獲得繪畫藝術碩士。在求學期間,她通過深入研究抽象繪畫的主題,作品風格產生重要轉變,從具象描繪變為概念和抽象表達。她曾舉辦三次香港個人展覽及參與多次聯展,入圍2011年由香港藝發局組織的紐約AIR項目。其作品被香港油畫研究會評審選出參加比賽和展覽。 [藝術女途] 參展的作品名為Homecapes, 予以‘心之所向,家之所在’。她筆下的家散發著一絲絲的幸福和寫意。



關豔鈴是一位業餘的香港藝術家,對19世紀的西方油畫情有獨鍾。走訪歐洲各大博物館後愛上作畫,尤其鍾情寫實風景。她對兩位風景畫家-19世紀德裔畫家阿爾伯特·比爾施塔特和美國當代畫家湯瑪斯·金凱德特別欣賞。關豔鈴沒有任何正規的藝術培訓,自行對寫實風景創作進行探索和研究。她的畫作充滿著豐富的色彩與情感,用自己的手法去表達她對上帝偉大創造的敬佩。 [藝術女途] 將會是關豔鈴第三次參加奧畫廊的展覽。

Rainbo,中國湖南出生,現居香港,全職藝術家。從事多元化創作,包括街頭塗鴉、油畫、潮流玩具、雕塑、陶瓷及圖形設計等,擅長角色設定及故事創作。熱愛戶外活動,年少時曾夢想滑板走天涯,現將滿懷激情投入到個人創作中。中國女子塗鴉團隊 “China Graffiti Girls” 及跨地塗鴉組織 Afterworkshop 創辦人之一。


Emily Eldridge
Emily Eldridge最擅長用插圖的手法來描繪當代時尚的前衛女性。來自美國的她,於香港的Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)畢業,並獲得插圖學士學位。她的創作觸及多媒體,從壁畫到街頭藝術,社論插圖到櫥窗設計,以至場景設計與藝術創作。通過對色彩,圖案,時裝和字型設計的啟發,加以Emily自己的大膽幽默元素,令她的作品更加的生動奪目。

Maria Isabel Parra
Maria Isabel Parra是一位法國哥裔視覺藝術家。現居於香港。出生於哥倫比亞麥德林,並於哥倫比亞完成了大學科程。於2004年移居到香港,成為了一位全職藝術家。Maria Isabel的藝術創作的靈感源於她對周邊環境的觀察,細膩地剖白人與自然,社會,經濟和文化的關係。她的畫作充滿著象徵意義,在絢麗的色彩和抽象的筆觸刻畫香港的風情。