DIG . DISCOVER - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
發掘。發現 - 香港奧畫廊

08.11.2014 – 22.11.2014
Artists: Derek Que
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

New Gallery on Old Bailey is proud to announce, DIG . DISCOVER a solo photography exhibition by Hong Kong professional photographer Derek Que. Organized by Breathe Life Arts and Culture, this exhibition will be held from 8th through 22nd of November, 2014.

Derek Que has been a professional commercial photographer for many years, but his enthusiasm for fine art photography has only grown more intense with every passing year. This exhibition named DIG . DISCOVER, as Derek is digging beyond the obvious to discover a deeper meaning in life. This exhibition will be showcasing two new series of works. In the first series, Derek examined and exposed the dark side of human nature. In the later series, he examined the issue of human’s mind is not as free as we think it is.

Derek’s first series of works titled “回首 (Hui Shou)”, which has dual meanings – looking back or return. Looking back into the history, the twelve zodiacs bronze heads were looted from Yuan Ming Yuan by the British and French troops. It was a notorious event in Chinese history that remains a signal symbol of national humiliation. Derek superimposed zodiacs heads onto nude bodies; revealing human’s aggressions are no different than animals. Morality and ethic are the principles of human nature, but human beings could no longer distinct themselves when the boundaries are crossed. Nevertheless, Animals do not have the desire for possession like human beings.

In the second series, Derek investigated the issue of limited number of choices in our open society. Our decisions are often the reflection of the situation we are in. Therefore, due to our situation and our society, we are limited in the choices we make. Derek titled his works in breakfast sets A, B, C and D. There are varieties in the menu, but the choices are indeed limited as ingredients are repeatedly mix and match. Individuality and choices are lost in the modern civilization.

參展藝術家: 郭遠堅

奧畫廊榮譽呈獻 《發掘。發現》, 香港專業攝影師郭遠堅的個人影展。由生息藝術與文化籌辦,展覽將於2014年11月8日至22日舉行。

郭遠堅多年來從事專業商業攝影,而他對於藝術攝影的熱枕卻與日俱增。這個影展名為“發掘 . 發現”,發掘表面的背後,郭遠堅從而發現生命更深的意義。展覽將會展示兩個全新的創作系列。前者,郭遠堅細察及展露人性黑暗的一面。後者,他細察並發現人類思維並非如想像中那樣無拘無束。

郭遠堅首個系列名為”回首”,有著雙重意義,”回首” 或是 ”回來”。回望歷史,圓明園中的十二獸首銅像被英法聯軍盜走了,這件事在中國歷史上被視為國恥。郭遠堅把十二獸首放在裸體人身,揭露人類的侵略本性比動物有過之而無不及,起碼動物不會為著一些根本不需要的佔有慾而去侵略。道德及倫理本是人類的基本觀念,但人類在越軌之後再也不能持守了。

第二個創作系列名為 “選餐”。 郭遠堅認為一日之計在於晨,所以一份豐富的早餐至為重要。但當您第一次打開餐牌時,您會發覺種類繁多,難以選擇。但一段時間過後,您卻發現原來您會選擇的,可能只得一種。到那時您才感到,原以為有很多選擇,到最後,其實是沒有選擇。身處之地越是文明,越是感覺到這種沒有選擇的無奈!