"AND TIME FUTURE CONTAINED IN TIME PAST" - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
《如去:如來》 - 香港奧畫廊

26.09.2014 – 31.10.2014
Artists: Ringo Tang
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

New Gallery on Old Bailey proudly presents “And time future contained in time past”, a photography exhibition by Hong Kong renowned photographer Ringo Tang. Organized by Breathe Life Arts and Culture, and curated by Susan Yeung, this exhibition will be held from 26 September through 31 October, 2014.

A group of different people were invited to share their personal stories and life experiences; to talk without inhibition or pretense. And Ringo captured this moment in time their thoughts and feelings, their energy and spontaneity, their hopes and dreams for tomorrow, their passion and zest for life…

Photograph participants included Ms. Agnes Chan Mei Ling, Mr. Kam Tai Keung, Ms. Josephine Koo Mei Wah, Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok Sze, Mr. Yuri Ng Yu Lie, Mr. CC Tang Chi Cheung, Mr. William Tang Tat Chi, Mr. Wucius Wong Wu Xie, Mr. Karma Tenzin, Ms. Yu Mo Lin, Mr. Henry Steiner, and more.

Born in Hong Kong in 1961, Ringo Tang is visual worker, photographer and TVC director. His acute awareness of the 'Art Scene' is seen in his many faceted works. His reputation is that of someone who always keeps experimenting with new styles and pushing things to the edge. Ringo has worked as a professional photographer since 1984 and started film making in 1994.

Ringo is the recipient of many international and local awards. Including Double Take Documentary Film Festival 2002, Longyxi Awards 2000, New York Festivals Film & Video Awards 1998, Mobius Awards 1998, Photo District News Award for Excellence, HK4A Best Photography & Creative Awards 1996, HKDA Photography Gold 1990, HKIPP Gold 1995, Time Asia Pacific Advertising Awards, Communications Arts & The Art Director’s Club Awards of New York.

參展藝術家: 鄧鉅榮

奧畫廊特別呈獻香港著名攝影名家鄧鉅榮攝影展《如去:如來》。此次展覽由生息藝術與文化主辦,楊素珊小姐策展,將於2014年9月26日至10月31日舉行。是次攝影展覽邀請各方達人,訴說他們的人生點滴, 分享他們的生活經驗, 輕描淡寫, 隨心而發, 盡情流露, 以攝影及錄像, 多媒體全方位的表現形式毫不掩飾地展現此時此刻,彼時彼刻的感受, 對生命的熱誠, 對生命的禮讚, 幾許醉夢輕狂, 對人生, 社會, 前路…明天會如何?

來者包括陳美齡女士,靳埭強先生,顧美華女士,李樂詩博士,伍宇烈先生,鄧志祥先生,鄧達智先生,王無邪先生,余慕蓮女士和Kama Tenzi先生等等。

鄧鉅榮先生是視像工作者,又是攝影師和廣告導演。遊歷於人風物境之間,其敏銳及獨特的個人風格見於其多面化的作品。鄧於一九八四年開始從事專業攝影活動,至九四年開始參與廣告拍攝及導演工作,並積極參與多項社會文化的義務。其作品曾多次展出於本地及海外,並曾獲頒多項國際性奬項,計有九零年香港設計師公會攝影金奬,九三年紐約美術指導會最佳攝影,九四年紐約攝影地區新聞金奬,九五年香港專業攝影師公會最佳作品奬,九六年時代亞太廣告奬 金奬、銀奬,同年香港廣告商會攝影金奬,九八年第四十一屆紐約節金奬、銀奬,二零零零年龍壐金奬、銀奬,二零零二年獲美國Full Frame Documentary (DDFF)電影節榮譽表揚。