Ideation . Life by Bottlemania - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
思路 . 人生 by Bottlemania - 香港奧畫廊

30.08.2014 – 19.09.2014
Artists: Eileen Chan
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

Eileen Chan, the creator of Bottlemania, returns to New Gallery on Old Bailey with her second solo exhibition. Ideation . Life, organized by Breathe Life Arts and Culture, will be held from 30 August through 19 September, 2014.

Throughout her career, Eileen Chan’s artistic creation has evolved from traditional Chinese ink paintings to her pop art-inspired bottle art known as Bottlemania. Chan continues her prior exploration into the ideology of Bottlemania through different artistic approaches. In the series of Time Gala paintings, Chan turns bottles into colorful abstract forms. Traces of different strokes are drawn on the neck of the bottles, the artist calls them ‘Time Signatures', as if time capsules were created to preserve the artist’s precious moments.

Each painting is a recollection of the artist’s past. Chan uses lines as tools to illustrate her meticulous chain of memories. Seamless lines flow through every inch of the canvas, but masterfully invoke an elegant balance; woven into swirling paths of the artist’s thoughts. Some of the works are almost hypnotic in their density and intricateness, enticing viewers to navigate the artist’s mind.

Eileen Chan is a Hong Kong artist with a cosmopolitan sense. She has collaborated with international luxury brands, including Tumi and Frank Muller, and local renowned fashion designer Noel Chu, to create products and fashion items with an artistic touch. Fusing art and life; embracing the concept of ‘art as a lifestyle’.

This exhibition will continue to exhibit Chan’s distinct artistic creation: bottle arts. For Chan, each and every bottle is filled with emotion and stories. She transforms used bottles into canvases and gives them second lives, which aligns with the vision of Breathe Life Arts and Culture, using art as a platform to promote environmental awareness.

Exhibited widely throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, Chan’s works increasingly capture international audiences. Chan was invited to participate the Florence Art Biennale in 2009 and the upcoming London Art Biennale in 2015. One of her Time Gala paintings was selected to be exhibited in Nanjing International Art Festival 2014. Her works can be found in private collections in Hong Kong and abroad.

參展藝術家: 陳綺妮

陳綺妮,“玻圖”(Bottlemania)的創始人,帶著她的作品再次回歸奧畫廊,展出由生息藝術與文化主辦的個人展覽 “ 思路 . 人生 ”,展期由2014年8月30日至9月19日。

陳綺妮的職業藝術創作生涯,由最開始的傳統中國水墨發展至富波普風格的 “玻圖”酒瓶藝術。她繼而通過不同的藝術方式繼續對玻圖意識形態進行探索。在“Time Gala”系列繪畫中,她將瓶子變成了多彩的抽象形式, 瓶頸上有著大大少少的筆觸, 她稱這些筆觸為“時間的記號 (Time Signatures)”,猶如藝術家為了收藏寶貴的回憶而創造的時間錦囊。

每一個作品都是藝術家對過去的回憶。她選用線條作為元素,細膩地繪畫出藝術家微妙的思路。緊密而精細的線條於畫布上不規則地穿梭,但又巧妙地顯現出優雅而不雜亂,交織出藝術家漩渦般的思路軌跡。當中某些作品的線條錯綜複雜, 緊密流動著如催眠般令人著迷,引領觀者進入藝術家腦中的思路浮遊。

陳綺妮是一位具時尚品味觸覺的香港藝術家。她曾與國際著名品牌Tumi, Frank Muller及香港著名時裝設計師朱潔麗合作,創作出具有藝術觸感的產品及時尚單品。將藝術與生活相融合,擁抱“藝術是一種生活方式”的觀念。

此次展覽將繼續展出陳綺妮獨特的藝術創作: 玻圖 酒瓶藝術。對她而言,每一個瓶子都充滿了情感與故事。她將用過的瓶子作畫布,賦予它們第二次生命,與生息藝術與文化的願景相結合,以藝術為平台,推廣環保意識。

陳的作品曾在亞洲,歐洲及美國各地廣泛展出,其藝術家的地位受到國際認同。她曾應邀參加2009年佛羅倫斯藝術雙年展,並將於2015年參加倫敦藝術雙年展。她的“Time Gala"繪畫系列獲選於2014年南京國際藝術節展出,她的作品被香港及海外私人收藏家所收藏。