From Land to Sky - New Gallery on Old Bailey Hong Kong
談天說地: 楊素珊 x 陳竹君作品 - 香港奧畫廊

07.05.2014 – 21.06.2014
Artists: Susan Yeung, Ada Chan
Orangizer: Breathe Life Arts & Culture

“From Land to Sky” will be the eighth joined painting exhibition by the artistic duo since Breathe Life Arts Exhibition in Hong Kong. Susan and Ada share the same passion, art, an approach to illustrate their insights and unique perspective of life through the use of composition, color and brushstrokes.

Susan’s paintings veer toward emotion over narration; enchanting the magical side of life through depictions with impressionistic touch. Her work has been influenced to some extent by impressionist paintings, offering viewers snapshots of scenery in dreamlike settings. Her sensitive depictions of landscape are distinguished by subtle colors and free brushstrokes, which give her paintings unusual vitality.

Ada incorporates animals into her paintings to elaborate on the connection between animals and the human race. ‘Their every move, their every behavior, from birth to death, it is like a mirror image of the human race. We are connected to them in ways that we may not even realize.” Animals are used as metaphors to reflect the fundamental flaws of humanity. The use of intense colors, distinctive brush strokes and strong compositions heighten the expressiveness of Ada’s works.

參展藝術家: 楊素珊、 陳竹君

奧畫廊特別呈現,香港藝術家楊素珊與陳竹君聯合參展的「談天說地」 (From Land to Sky),將於2014年5月7日至6月21日假奧畫廊展出。兩位藝術家希望借由畫作,與觀者無拘無束地「談天說地」,並讓觀展者體會到藝術是由心出發,可以天馬行空,可以毫無束縛。

一直以來,楊素珊與陳竹君對藝術有著同樣的熱情與堅持。她們利用構圖,色彩和靈感,以各自的獨特視角,描繪自己對生命的見解,敘說自己對自然的熱愛。 「談天說地」將是兩位藝術家繼「生息藝術展2013」後的第八次作品聯展。