La joie de l'ÉtÉ - Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong
La joie de l'ÉtÉ - 香港九龍半島酒店

15.06.2012 – 31.07.2012
Artists: Susan Yeung, Ada Chan

Since 2006, the two female local artists, Susan Yeung and Ada Chan, have been joint hands together for exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Their paintings amazed different places and finally, they have their first exhibition in Hong Kong this year. Dickson Yewn, the creative director of the renowned jewelry brand -- LIFE OF CIRCLE, welcome them to have their exhibition – “La joie de l'été” (Joy of Summer) in his gallery which is located in The Peninsula Hotels. The special preview that held on 19 June was supported by friends of Susan and Ada, include: Mr. Yeung Chiu Sing, the chairman of Jewelry City; Ms. Mani Fok, the famous local artist manager and Mr. Kan Tai Keung, the renowned designer, etc.

This time, Susan and Ada use painting brushes to sketch their “La joie de l'été” -- Summer is an exciting and joyful time for a variety of reasons. We lie on the grass, study the clouds, enjoying the sun and daydream. We let our imaginations fly beyond the sceneries that we see. We experience the fullest of outdoor beauty where nature looks almost magical through the eyes of artists in which the wildest imagination are captured.

The two artists capture memories from their most endearing summer experiences and personify a resilient and passionate response through their works. Both artists have their own ways to approach nature using different mediums. Yeung strives to express her love to the environment by using bold colors and pigment. Her oil paintings seem to have borderless landscapes that extend beyond canvases and also contain multiple layers of depths. Chan possesses an acute instinct for intensive colors and surreal sceneries. Her thick and vivid strokes make her sceneries to appear dynamic and moving which has been a signature style of her works.

“La joie de l'été” marks the 10 selective works of both artists in celebrating their joy and love towards this special season.

參展藝術家: 楊素珊、陳竹君

自06年開始,香港藝術家楊素珊 (Susan Yeung)與陳竹君 (Ada Chan)已多次合作於北京、上海等地舉辦展覽,二人畫風各有特色,獨具風采,大獲好評。今年二人終於載譽回港;她們與著名珠寶店LIFE OF CIRCLE創意總監翁狄森 (Dickson Yewn)一拍即合,得Dickson借出位於半島酒店的畫廊,舉辦首個香港畫展 “La joie de l'été"。二人於6月19日舉行的開幕酒會,獲不少名人好友撐場,包括:寶石城珠寶集團主席楊超成、金牌經理人霍汶希(Mani)、中華廠商會會長施榮懷(Irons)、香港專業及資深行政人員協會會長謝偉銓(Tony)、著名設計師靳埭強等。

一向致力推動環保、以藝術宣揚環保訊息的Susan和Ada,今次則配合六月天,用畫筆來描繪她們的“La joie de l'été"(Joy of Summer) ── 夏,總是不無原因地充滿刺激、喜悅。我們躺在草地上,細閱白雲,享受陽光和白日夢。我們讓想像飛越我們看見的風景。我們見證了大自然的神奇、體驗了幾近完美的風光、烙下不羈的幻想。


“La joie de l'été"一共展出十幅油畫作品,均是二人的精選之作,頌贊她們對夏季這個魔幻季節的喜悅和愛。