Breathe Life Arts Exhibition 2012- Shanghai Wow!
生息–愛的延續2012 - 上海M藝術空間

31.03.2012 – 25.04.2012
Artists: Susan Yeung, Ada Chan, Dante Lam Chiu Yin, Peter Kam, Chen Shao Qi

The huge success of the two previous exhibitions not only promoted the exchange of art experiences between artists in China and Hong Kong but also casted a new mission for artists towards environmental conservation. Invited by the M Art Center in Shanghai, 5 artists again joined hands for a sequel from March - May, 2012. Artists include Susan Yeung (楊素珊), Ada Chan (陳竹君), Film director Dante Lam-Chiu Yin (林超賢), Lyricist Chen Shao Qi (陳少琪) and Musician Peter Kam Pui Tat (金培達). The exhibition was supported by WWF, China, which aimed at promoting environmental protection and raise public awareness towards the issue. On 31 March, 4 artists participated in the opening ceremony in Shanghai, following by the event “Earth hour” at the Bund that was hosted by WWF to promote lesser use of electricity against pollution. The artists were invited on stage to share their perspectives about energy saving in a metropolitan city.

參展藝術家: 楊素珊、陳竹君、陳少琪、金培達、林超賢