Breathe Life Arts Exhibition-Let Love Continues - Siemens Art Space 798 beijing
生息–愛的延續 - 北京西門子藝術空間

29.10.2011 – 28.11.2011
Artists: Susan Yeung, Ada Chan, Dante Lam Chiu Yin, Dickson Yewn, Peter Kam, Chen Shao Qi, Derek Que, Ringo Tang
參展藝術家: 楊素珊、陳竹君、陳少琪、金培達、林超賢、翁狄森、郭遠堅、鄧鉅榮

The first Breathe Life Arts Exhibition was well-received though out the art community in Beijing with a lot of media exposure and coverage, and had aroused public awareness in protecting the environment. This huge success had provoked an immediate encore of the project and a lighter version of the exhibition was held in Siemens Art Space at 798, Beijing the following month. Apart from the same group of artists, the Hong Kong renowned photographer, Ringo Tang (鄧鉅榮) was invited to join the group in sharing his artistic views on environmental conservation.